ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Review + Comparison Guide [2019]

ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Review + Comparison Guide [2019]
Snoring is a problem not only for the snorer but also the other person lying next to them. The loud snores are a source of annoyance and disturbed sleep.
Anti-snoring mouthpieces that have the ability to silence a loud snore, are often an effective, quick, and relatively an inexpensive fix. The ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece is hinged designed and is created in such a way that it is really a boon for people with snoring problem. It helps in getting rid of or alleviating snoring by advancing your lower jaw a few millimeters forward. The device is made from materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties (a thermoplastic elastomer). The device prevents the base of your tongue blocking your airway and maintains an open airway during sleep. The device is made up of medical grade plastic that doe not irritate.
My father had the snoring problem and his loud snoring noise used to become a cause of disturbance for everyone else sleeping in the same room. Then one of my colleagues recommended the ZQuiet Mouthpiece. After using the “ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece”, not only my father’s snoring eased, but he started having a sound sleep as well.
Now the question arises, is the ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Any Good?
Is the ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Any Good?
Yes, ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is a marvelous sleeping aid which allows to breathe more freely and prevents snoring. Some of the Pros of this device are;
• There is no discomfort and irritation due to the device since it is made of soft medical grade plastic
• While wearing this mouthpiece, one can easily move mouth, drink, and Can talk
• Maintenance and cleaning are very easy
• Prevents obstruction of breathing
The positive effects of this device have been evident in case of my father. The device helped him in keeping his air passage open enough to breathe properly.
It eliminated his snoring. Initially, during the adjustment phase, my father did experience quite a bit of drooling. However, once he got the hang of it, he admitted that the device suited him really well. Other family members, especially my mom, who sleeps next to my father was totally pleased with this equipment as, there was no snoring when the product was in place.
Some cons are also there like;
• Drooling and jaw soreness till the user gets a hang of it
• Sometimes, the device may slip out of the mouth while sleeping
Spec & features
Brand Name: ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
Type: Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
Material: A medical-grade thermoplastic polymer (strong, flexible plastic), latex- and BPA-free
Sizes: One size fit all – can be trimmed to fit
Product dimensions: 1.1 x 4 x 3.2 inches
ZQuiet is a mandibular adjustment device, pulling jaw to the front and removing the tongue from the airway to reduce snoring.
– Effective: it is an effective solution that prevents snoring by stabilizing and advancing the jaw to the front, creating an opening due to the mouthpiece. It is an affordable and reliable treatment, which is preferred globally by millions of trusted users.
– Comfortable: Available in various sizes for optimal relief. The device is ready to use, easy to fit, without any necessity to mold or boil. Flexible hinges with a non-bulky, soft material to allow free movement of the jaw and free flowing breathing.
– High quality standard: Design patented for oral application – approved by expert dentists and FDA. Made in United States of America with medical graded material, BPA and latex free.
– Top-quality: Made in the United States of America, neutral in taste, soft medical-grade synthetics. Included in the delivery is a stable, blue storage box.
– Easy to use: The device is very easy to use. No customization or prior fitting is required. It usually comes in two different sizes. Device 1 moves your lower jaw forward by 2 mm and gently opens the airways in the throat to prevent snoring. If that doesn’t not help, switch to device 2 ie., 6 mm mandibular advancement).
Cost & Refund Policy
Zquiet is a truly trustworthy company. The anti-snoring device comes stocked with a free thirty-day trial period where you are offered an option to test and try the piece to confirm if it works as per your expectations. If within thirty days, you are not happy and satisfied with the device, you can approach the company and request your RMA number. With this RMA number in hand before the thirty-day trial ends, you will be refunded your full purchase amount, excluding shipping.
How Does ZQuiet Compare to Other Mouthpieces?
With those with chronic snoring problem along with their suffering partners, there are two variants available for anti-snoring devices.
– Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is helpful in eliminating or reducing the loud snores by pushing the jaw in a forward position and aids in preventing the tongue from falling back to block the airway.
– Tongue Retaining Device (TRD) constrains the tongue to avoid it from falling into the airway and block the breathing that causes snoring.
ZQuiet is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which is designed to aid tongue obstruction.
We can compare it with SleepTight device to determine which one is the best fit.
SleepTight Mouthpieces use a boil-and-bite fitting process and needs customization. ZQuiet is an amazing MAD, is ready to use right out-of-the-box and does not require any customization. SleepTight, contains BPA since it is not marked otherwise. However, ZQuiet is made of a thermoplastic elastomer that contains no BPA or latex. ZQuiet is both safe and flexible in comparison to other brand mouthpieces.
ZQuiet is incredibly priced and does offer value for your money, since it gives you a real opportunity to alleviate or totally eliminate snoring. It is a life saver.
I placed an order for ZQuiet on Amazon. The device came much earlier than expected. It comes in a beautiful storage case that holds both mouthpieces at once.
Other features that make the ZQuiet device a great device include;
• Designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and enables freedom of jaw movement
• Prevents the tongue and soft tissue from collapsing in the airway
• Dentist Designed
• Soft Material, Latex & BPA Free
• Made in the USA
• Clinically Proven
• FDA Registered
What Comes With The Product?
Includes 2-Size Comfort System Yes: Comfort Size #1 (+2mm Jaw Adjustment) and Comfort Size #2 (+6mm Jaw Adjustment) Yes: Comfort Size #1 (+2mm Jaw Adjustment) and Comfort Size #2 (+6mm Jaw Adjustment) Yes: Comfort Size #1 (+2mm Jaw Adjustment) and Comfort Size #2 (+6mm Jaw Adjustment) Yes: Comfort Size #1 (+2mm Jaw Adjustment) and Comfort Size #2 (+6mm Jaw Adjustment)
Includes ZQuiet Protective Storage Case Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes Anti-Snoring Chin-UP Strips No Yes Yes No
Includes ZQuiet Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution No Yes No Yes
Includes Informational Sleep Booklets No No No Yes
Includes Gift Box Packaging No No No Yes

How Does the ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Work?
From the different MADs available in the market that aid in snoring, ZQuiet has positioned itself distinctly for two reasons. Firstly, due to flexibility – it’s a soft plastic mouthpiece that goes over the teeth and hence mold’s itself to the bite. Secondly, ZQuiet sends you two mouthpieces that are distinct in design. These are used at different levels on your jaw and hence you get different effect with each mouthpiece. Most importantly, due to its make, you can talk, drink and breathe easily whilst wearing it.
Fitting Guide
There is not much pain for fitting ZQuiet, as it comes in a ready to use format. In saying that, you can modify it to a certain degree to fit it best to your mouth. It comes in a set of two mouthpieces, and each of them push the jaw to the front.
On one of the mouthpieces, the bottom sticks to the front. It is recommended that you start by using the one that protrudes the least. However, if any of them starts covering the gums and rubs in the mouth, you can trim it a bit.
The ideal way is to use a small, sterilized scissor to cut the soft plastic and then buff using a nail file. Besides this there is no other adjustment needed.
Another advice tip is to run under hot running water to make it a bit soft, prior to its use. However, do not ever immerse it in hot boiling water, as it is made from thermoplastic polymer that melts when overheated.
A Few Insider peeps, for optimal use
In its initial stage, avoid using the ZQuiet mouthpiece for an eight-hour sleep. A better way is to get accustomed to it by wearing it for 15 to 20 minutes, while awake. This will help the mouthpiece from falling out of the mouth, while sleeping.
Depending on the usage of an individual, ZQuiet mouthpiece can last for up to 15 months – an average of 24 months.
Cleaning and Storing Your Mouthpiece
For long lasting effectiveness, scrub the mouthpiece with a toothbrush. Once cleansed, clean dry with a soft napkin or towel. Do not use toothpaste as it might disintegrate surface of the mouthpiece.
Store the mouthpiece at room temperature and never immerse it in the mouthwash or alcohol.

Side Effects
ZQuiet mouthpiece can increase formation of saliva, as it makes your mouth open. This is a most common problem that some people experience due to which they cannot effectively wear the product because of the size of their mouth and jaw. As a result, you might start experiencing dry mouth due to air flow on your tongue. If used aggressively, can make the jaw to pain. It might come out or slip out of the mouth, while sleeping.
Another side effect is tender tongue. Some users have reported that their tongue feels tender after using this device. It is a very rare issue and not a serious one, either. This side effects usually vanishes after prolonged usage.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the ZQuiet FDA approved?
• It is certified safe as it is approved by the FDA
2. Can you wash ZQuiet mouthpiece with toothpaste?
• Yes. However, avoid using it too hard on it.
3. Is the ZQuiet safe to use?
• ZQuiet device is latex and BPA free as it is made from medical grade thermoplastic elastomer. Hence it is safe to use.
4. Does the ZQuiet help with Snore Apnea?
• Yes, ZQuiet is a very effective treatment for mild obstructive sleep apnea.
5. Does ZQuiet offer a money-back guarantee?
• Yes, it comes with thirty days trial for a very reasonable price
6. BPA and latex-free medical-grade materials used?
• Yes
7. Is it hard to keep ZQuiet mouthpiece in place?
• No. it is quite easy to store ZQuiet mouthpiece
8. The life span of ZQuiet last?
• ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece usually lasts around 15 months. 12 to 24 months is average.
9. Does it cause drooling?
• No
10. Is there more than one size available?
• Yes, two sizes included with order.
11. Is it possible to breathe through the mouth with it on?
• Yes.
12. Does it have certifications?
• Yes, the device is latex free, FDA-approved, and BPA free
13. Can the device be used with dentures?
• No, it cannot be used with dentures. Natural teeth are required to fit it in the mouth and prevent it from slipping out.
14. Does it cause mouth soreness?
• Initial jaw soreness.
15. Is it comfortable and easy to open and close my mouth while wearing a ZQuiet?
• Yes, thanks to jaw mobility offered by the patent-pending Living Hinge technology. It is easy to talk and drink without having to remove the mouthpiece.
16. Can it be used with retainers?
• No, ZQuiet cannot be used with wire brackets (braces) or wire retainers.
17. Free returns?
• Yes, 30-day return policy excluding shipping.
18. Can the anti-snoring equipment fit a small mouth? Is the device hard to adjust?
• The device has open trays that accommodate almost any size mouth. The trays can easily be trimmed down if required for a better fit. So, it is not at all hard to adjust.
19. Does ZQuiet device come in different sizes?
• Yes, it does. There are 2 sizes – comfort size 1 and a comfort size 2.

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