Why Do You Snore When You Drink Alcohol

Have you ever wondered why do you snore when you drink alcohol?

A night-long party brings with it the spectacle of binge eating drinking.  There are memories of happy times too that bring on laughter and smiles.

Why Do You Snore When You Drink Alcohol

However, if this becomes a regular event in your life then it can interrupt your sleep with the annoying sound of snoring!

Snoring is okay once in a while when it happens due to reasons like a cold, a day’s hard work or even an occasional heavy dinner. But once it transforms into an obnoxious habit that destroys your sleep and keeps your partner at an edge, it is time to think.

Is consumption of alcohol really worth the ordeal you go through thereafter?

Why Do You Snore When You Drink Alcohol?

It is an established fact that we tend to snore more when we drink alcohol. While you may not notice, surely your partner will be able to tell you off!

Why we consume alcohol and do not realize its consequences on our quality of sleep is because it makes us feel drowsy and gives a feeling of restfulness. It is essentially a sedative that has a temporary effect of elation on our mood. But this is feeling of euphoria is transient and vanishes soon enough.

Although alcohol tends to make you drowsy, it is detrimental to the quality of your sleep. Not only does the snoring affect you, but also those who sleep in the same room. Alcohol consumption leads to heavy snoring which meddles with your rhythmic breathing during sleep.

The Effect of Alcohol

Alcohol is a known depressant that affects mood swings and emotional well being. Although it brings on a temporary “high” the overall effect is quite the opposite. Your hangovers on the next morning are ample proof of this fact.

Furthermore, it has sedative qualities that make you drowsy. It is this state that makes most of us assume that it assists them to sleep well. This is a big fallacy as what happens is exactly the opposite!

Alcohol has an overall relaxing effect on your mind as well as body. The muscles become relaxed too. This happens not only externally but also to the muscles of our inner organs. This includes the muscles of your respiratory system.

The sedative effect of alcohol relaxes your larynx, throat and jaw muscles and the tissue in your soft palate. This makes the muscles “hang” and collapse onto the airway, reducing the flow of air. The obstruction caused by these muscles and tissues causes vibration that gives the hoarse sound of snoring.

Alcohol and Snoring

While this blockage seems to clear up the next day, but repeated abuse of alcohol makes this condition chronic, causing moderate sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep-related disturbance that causes the individual to momentarily stop breathing. This leads to sudden wakefulness accompanied by gasping for air.

Another reason why do you snore when you drink alcohol is the fact that it dehydrates you. Because of this, your nasal cavity,  throat, and mouth become dry. The result is that the passage of air during breathing rattles over them and causes a powerful snoring sound.

In the final analysis, if you feel that alcohol makes you snore, then perhaps it is time for you to abstain from it.


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