What Is the Best Sleep Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device

A Sleep Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device can help overcome snoring to a large extent.

Snoring is raising phenomena all over the world. It is so prevalent that we tend to take it very casually. Many times you find snorers becoming a butt of jokes among friends and relatives. 

Best Sleep Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device

However, in reality, this is a serious issue that impacts not only that person involved but also their partner as well as family members. Incessant snoring leads to a lack of sleep and affects health, energy, lifestyle, as well as productivity. 

What is a Tongue Stabilizing Device?

The sleep apnea tongue stabilizing device or TSD stops snoring by fixing (stabilizing) the tongue in its position while sleeping. It is made of BPA free silicone resin which is flexible and shaped to fit inside your mouth. Outwardly, it looks like a baby’s pacifier, and its main function is to keep your tongue in position so that it does not roll back and obstruct the air passage while breathing.

How does the sleep apnea tongue stabilizing device Work? 

The sleep apnea tongue stabilizing device assists in keeping the airway from getting blocked. It does this by keeping the tongue gently pulled and kept in a forward position, and not allowing it to retract when you are asleep. 

Since the tongue cannot go backward, the airway remains open, and there is an obstruction-free movement of air when you breathe. 

For this, the sucking action on the tongue creates a vacuum. This keeps the tongue in an extended position. The forward posture of the tongue by using braces, keeps it extended while you sleep. 

This, of course, may cause some inconvenience initially.

How is the tongue stabilizing device different from Mandibular Advancement Devices?

  1. The Mandibular Advancement Devices (or MAD’s), work on the principle of pulling the mandibular joint of the jaw. This results in keeping the tongue from getting back into the air passage when the jaw opens. The TSD’s, on the other hand, do not in any way impact the movement of the jaw. 
  2. Mandibular advancement devices are more intrusive as you place them inside the mouth and between the upper and lower Jaws. This may initially cause some discomfort to the person wearing it. The TSDs are mostly outside the mouth and kept in position by braces fitted on the teeth. This results in keeping the tongue from going back. Although there is some discomfort it is much easier to adapt.
  3. Mandibular devices are not meant for those who wear dentures. Also, they cause slightly more discomfort than the TSDs.
  4. The TSDs Are smaller in size, cheaper in cost and look very similar to the other snoring aids.

The bottom line in both is that to work properly, you have to wear them throughout the night as you sleep.

Choosing a Tongue Stabilizing Device? 

Before you decide which device to use, you must consider the basic facts to know about the best sleep apnea tongue stabilizing device. MADs does cause a little more physical discomfort and have a larger adapting curve than the TRDs which are more economical and have a “one size fits all” \universal design. 

Below are our top picks for the TSDs available based upon the customer experiences, as well as the product design and analysis.

Good Morning Snore Solution 
  • This is made of superior grade soft plastic. It comes with a 30-night trial offer and is one of the best sleep apnea tongue stabilizing device in the best-sellers list.
  • It has a small size and very light in weight. You will not feel its weight or discomfort due to the design. The Good Morning Snore Solution is extremely effective at supporting the tongue and diminishing occurrences of snoring. 
  • The device is compact has a universal fit design.
  • It is low on maintenance and you can clean it without any difficulty.
  • Since you can get it over the counter, it is worth giving a try considering that it has a 30-day full refund guarantee.
  • This device is ideal for those suffering from sleep apnea but cannot use MAD (Mandibular Devices) due to any reason. 
  • They  have no impact on the jaw-bone.

The Good Morning Snore Solution is easy to use and does not require any adjustments or settings. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of these devices is that they are super lightweight. This translates into a marked reduction in discomfort levels.

AVEOtsd Mouthpieces

Unlike the other OTC products, the AVEOtsd mouthpieces require that you have a prescription. 

  • These are the lightweight TSD made from silicone. It is easier to wear, is soft, hygienic and more comfortable than plastic. 
  • It stabilizes the tongue by its gentle suction action and holds it securely between the top and the lower teeth without creating any discomfort to the jaw. 
  • You can get this in three sizes-small, medium, and large. This will give you ample choice to try out the most suitable one.
  • The AVEOtsd has a simplistic design and never requires be altering or customizing. 
  • There are no moving parts or sharp edges; this makes it reasonably safe to use and easy to clean. 
  • The AVEOtsd is sold at a very competitive price, which is lower than the other manufacturers. This makes it a preferred choice as the best-value option for the users.

It is an excellent choice for you if you do not fancy customized mouthpieces or like to use lighter mouthpieces. Also, it is a great option for those who suffer from jaw pain.


Using what is the best sleep apnea tongue stabilizing device can be a good beginning to encourage you or your spouse to hinder snoring. Not only are these devices relatively economical but also they are light in weight and less bulky to use.

Additionally, they are smaller and less invasive than Mandibular adjustment devices (MAD’s).

Whatever you decide about which device to use, it is important to speak with your doctor and seek advice as well as iron out issues, if any. This is because snoring can also be due to a deep underlying health issue that only an expert medical specialist can recognize and resolve.





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