These Mouth Exercises Will Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring is one of the relatively well known yet less understood epidemics that have substantial public health concerns. If not addressed on time, it develops into connected issues like poor memory, diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnoea. Among the various remedial measures, these mouth exercises will help you stop snoring.

On the face of it, snoring appears to be nothing more than an irritant that interrupts your sleep and ruins your relationships.

Mouth Exercises Will Help You Stop Snoring

In some of its extreme forms, it can destroy careers, and even lead to an accidental untimely death!.

What is Snoring

Low muscle tone causes snoring.

The muscles and tissues in our nasal cavity and throat tend to naturally relax while we sleep. They allow the air to flow smoothly while breathing.

However, when the muscles relax too much or lose their tone permanently, they hinder the passage of air. This makes them vibrate and the sound emitted is what we hear as snoring. It becomes louder as the tissues start flapping excessively in deep sleep.

Even the loosening of the tongue or inflamed uvula can obstruct the airflow and produce the sound of snoring.

When the muscles in the air passage become weak, the chances of snoring are much more. The muscle tone decreases with age which is why you will find that older people are more prone to snoring.

Traditional Remedies to stop snoring

Generally, it is possible to rectify snoring by adapting simple procedures and changes in lifestyle.

However, when it is linked to a medical issue like tonsillitis or sleep apnoea it may not go by such measures.

In such cases, it is always advisable to take an expert medical opinion.

Simple solutions: These Mouth Exercises Will Help You Stop Snoring

Changing the way you sleep – Keeping the head slightly elevated by a few inches will ease breathing and supports your jaw and tongue.

Furthermore, it will also hold the support to the inner lining of the trachea. Use a specially designed pillow that is slightly hard and does not sag while turning sides during sleep.

Sleeping sideways instead of on your back – This will prevent the jaw from dropping down while sleeping, eliminating the chances of loosening of tongue and vulva.

Adapting some innovative strategies will help you in sleeping on the side. You can try keeping a ball, or a pillow behind your back will keep you from rolling over on your back.

Using anti-snoring appliances– You can use certain special devices available in the market. These are designed to help keep your tongue and the lower jaw in place during sleep and keep the airway obstruction-free.

Apply Nasal drops – If the snoring occurs because of a blockage in the nose or sinuses, a few drops of nasal decongestant while sleeping will help in breathing more easily.

Utilizing a Humidifier – Dryness in the air is also one of the reasons for the inflammation of nasal tissues. Using a humidifier removes irritation and will help you in sleeping soundly without snoring.

Lifestyle modifications

Weight loss – Obesity leads to flabby tissue in the inner lining of the air canal as well as the tongue and throat. Reducing your weight even by as little as 10% can show dramatic improvement and stop snoring.

Quit the smoking Habit – The possibilities of snoring are higher if you smoke habitually. This is because smoking irritates the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and trachea which blocks the air-passage and causes snoring.

Avoid sleeping pills, sedatives and alcohol–  All these are muscle relaxants and are instrumental in interference in breathing which makes you snore. Also talk to your doctor about any prescription medications you’re taking, as some boost a deeper level of sleep which can make snoring worse.

Are Exercises any Helpful?

You are seeking alternatives to these standard anti-snoring methods (for example, snoring mouthpieces) then you can try exercises.

Generally speaking, all exercises can help in reducing snoring. This happens because when you exercise, it tones up the muscles all over your body including those in the throat, which leads to less snoring.

Also,  some specific exercises can strengthen the muscles in your throat and help in reducing snoring.

Prolonged research indicates that by directly affecting the tongue and nasal tract in specific ways these mouth exercises will help you stop snoring.

These special exercises are meant to strengthen the mouth and throat muscles. By doing them regularly, you can easily overcome the problem of snoring in a short time without any medication.

How will These Mouth Exercises Will Help You Stop Snoring

Prolonged research indicates that by directly stimulating the tongue and nasal tract in specific ways, these mouth exercises will help you stop snoring. Almost 59 % of the participants in the control group during the research benefitted and displayed a reduction in snoring.

As recommended by the American College of Chest Physicians, these mouth exercises will help you stop snoring:

  • Gently push the tongue into the palate (top of the mouth) and push it back and forward at least 20 times. This will be a sort of warm-up exercise of the mouth.
  • Press your tongue against the palate 15- 20 times. Every time keep it pressed for a few seconds.
  • Now touch the tip of the tongue on the inside part of the front teeth and push its back downwards. Repeat 15 -20 times.
  • Try to lift the palate and uvula alternatively 20 times
  • Putting your index finger in the mouth, press your cheek away from the teeth 10 -15 times on both sides
  • During your meals, while eating, after taking a bite, lift your tongue and touch the roof of the mouth. Swallow your food without stiffening the cheek muscles.


Doing anti-snoring exercises can tone the tissues, and prevent snoring sound due to their vibrations while breathing.

However, remember that you may not see any instant results. To achieve a high rate of success, you should perform them daily.  After some training, you will be able to notice the difference. Soon, these mouth exercises will help you stop snoring, and you will be able to get a blissful and soundless sleep.


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