Stop Snoring Tongue Displacement Mouthpiece

Tongue displacement mouthpiece is an ideal solution to stop snoring.

Snoring is a common problem that is generally taken lightly. Only a few people try to address it promptly. While you may not realize its seriousness, snoring does downgrade the quality of life to a large extent. 

Stop Snoring Tongue Displacement Mouthpiece

It is not only the sleep that you lose because of snoring, but also the other health effects that follow. Among the many devices, tongue displacement mouthpiece comes across as a very effective and affordable option.

In cases of serious issues like sleep apnea, generally using the CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure machine) is the first choice of treatment by many doctors. 

However, it is not always successful and is quite cumbersome. Many patients find it too difficult to continue for a long time because of the design as well as the comfort factor. 

In such cases when you find that CPAP is not working out, you may like to try the stop snoring tongue displacement mouthpiece.

Why is Stop Snoring Tongue Displacement Mouthpiece Important?

If you are one of those who do not see this as a big concern then you should remember that snoring can lead to many problems not only with your health but also in your relationships.

It is not uncommon to find many couples sleeping in different rooms precisely because of this problem.

Not only that, issues like sleep apnea can cause a lot of harm and may even lead to sudden death. 

If it is the ease and comfort of using a device, then the tongue displacement mouth piece proves to be ideal for you. It is simple to use and can help you to stop snoring during your sleep.

Tongue displacement mouthpieces are of two types- the mandibular advancement device (or MAD) and the tongue stabilizing device (or TSD). 

MAD or TSD, Which one should I use?

Both of these devices function quite differently.

While you wear MAD like a denture by holding it between both the Jaws, the TSD comes in front of the tongue and pulls it out towards the open-air pathway. That is something like trying to breathe with your tongue between your lips, partially blocking the outlet passage. 

Thus as the name suggests, the TSD displacement method effectively pulls out your tongue and prevents it from going inwards (and backward) to block the air passage. This helps in cutting down the snoring.

The tongue displacement method using the TSD is currently among the top-ranking method to stop snoring.

It works on the suction created by inserting the tongue in the anti-snoring mouthpiece device, which holds it in place thereafter. You might also like the fact that it is a simple ready to use a device that is universal and fits all sizes.

Design of a Stop Snoring Tongue Displacement Mouthpiece

The TSD or the tongue stabilizing device is an oral appliance alternative treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. 

It is made of medical-grade soft plastic that you hold between your lips. 

If you look at it closely it resembles an oversized pacifier with an opening in it. It is into this opening that you place your tongue. The suction effect causes the tongue to stay in place and remain forward. This prevents it from rolling back to instruct the Airway, preventing sleep apnea and snoring.

Good Morning Snore Solution and AveoTSD are the two most popular Brands of tongue stabilizing device. 

How to Get the Most Out Of Tongue Displacement Device

A tongue displacement device is generally recommended by the doctors for sleep apnea and chronic snoring when you are unable to tolerate any other standard mode of treatments like the CPAP. 

To get the most out of tongue displacement device it is important to follow the instructions precisely as given in the user guide. Preferably a specialist in the medical profession or your Doctor should do the initial setting.

It is very effective in cases where the Airway action takes place due to macroglossia (large size of the tongue) 

Problems Faced While Using the Tongue Displacement Device.

Although it sounds simple, using a TSD or MAD is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires perseverance and a will to overcome initial hiccups that will make it succeed.

Besides this, you can use them only if you are capable of taking out your tongue adequately enough to secure this device in place. Therefore, if you are not able to hold the tongue far enough, it is unlikely to work as intended.

Also, children cannot use a tongue displacement device due to the differences in facial anatomy, as well as the understanding required to keep it in place.

Fitment Problems of Stop Snoring Tongue Displacement Mouthpiece

Although they are made in the universal pattern and you will find your size easily, you need practice not only in using it but also looking after it.

Keeping both MAD as well as TSD in hot water for sometime before use makes their plastic more malleable and easy to fit. In absence of exact fitting, it may come off at night.  

As is obvious, the tongue displacements are expected to be there in your mouth for the entire night. This may be difficult for some and may also leave a disagreeable sensation in the mouth.

Since our tongue is a sensitive organ, it is also prone to salivation and drooling. This can wake you up at night, especially in the initial stages when you are not yet used to the device. Also, the displacement device is practically useless for those who are prone to breathing from their mouths.

Importance of Care and Hygiene

Since these devices are our place within the mouth it is important to clean them up every day. You can use my detergent and warm water and clean them regularly e every morning. This prevents infection and minimizes the unpleasant odors. Additionally, you can also use a denture cleaning solution at regular weekly or monthly intervals. 

Furthermore, Store in properly in a cool and dry container when not using it.


Snoring is a symptom of some of the other serious health concerns. 

Treating snoring is not a complicated process. All it needs is a few lifestyle changes to overcome the problem. This is especially so if it is not due to any serious illness. Using an anti-snoring tongue displacement mouthpiece is a good option to try.


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