SnoreRX Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Review + Comparison Guide [2019]

Today, let’s talk a bit about the SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, an over the counter device that has brought relief to countless couples like the Adams.

“Since little Joey was born two months back, Myra’s snoring has increased to the point of being relentless,” a frustrated Chris Adams explained to his doctor. 

SnoreRX Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Review

“What begins as a wonderful evening of togetherness turns into a nightmare with the ear-splitting crescendo with her snoring, as the night progresses. Nothing seems to work!” 

The doctor could see the exhaustion on his face. 

“Why don’t you let her try SnoreRx,” he suggested and went on to explain the details about it.

That turned out to be the turning point in their marital lives, as soon enough, within a few days of use there was bliss once again with Myra stopped snoring completely. 

As per their doctor, SnoreRx is among the most effective anti-snoring devices available today.

Is this true? 

Does the SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece live up to the praise? 

What makes it stand out among its competitors?

 Let’s carry out an informed analysis and see firsthand.

 Is The SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Any Good?

 Adam’s story is not the only one. 

Independent research has established it as one of the leading remedies that help in cases of medium to heavy snoring. There are countless such cases of the SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece showing excellent results.

 SnoreRx also has the statutory approval of the leading agencies such as the ASA and AASM. It is one of the most effective anti-snoring mouthpieces that are cost-effective and easy to use. 

 Unlike the other such devices like the uncomfortable CPAP masks which are quite cumbersome, the SnoreRx is quite simple and highly customizable. It falls under the category of Mandible Adjustment Devices (MAD) that is affordable and durable. 

 What are the Pros and Cons of SnoreRx?

 For a device that is so simple in concept and effective in its usage, SnoreRx possesses many exceptional features. Its superior quality materials, personalized fitting, and simple adjustment mechanism provide it an edge over the competitors.


Superior Material Quality– SnoreRx has been made using pharmaceutical grade premium plastics which is easy to use and maintain. After all, you cannot take any chances with your health with something that’s going to be in your mouth the night long!

Better Design – Getting used to mandibular progression takes time. SnoreRx has the capability for making minute adjustments by adjusting the precise millimetric shifts of the lower tray.

Longer Life Span – The high-grade plastics ensure that the shape, as well as adjustments made by you,  remains intact. By taking proper care in cleaning and brushing it regularly, you can easily make it last almost 12-15 months!

Breathing from Mouth– In case you have nasal obstruction, SnoreRx has an opening in front that permits you to breathe from the mouth, without interrupting your sleep.

Custom Fitting – For a device that’s going to be in your mouth through the night, it can be effective if it fits well. If not, then there are chances that you might remove it. Unlike many inferior mouthpieces that have a one-size-fits-all design, the SnoreRx takes into account the need for making custom mouthpiece impressions. Its thermal matrix design ensures exact fitting without any feeling of discomfort, giving you night-long blissful, snoring-free sleep.

Cost-Effectiveness – The cost of other modes of treatment can sometimes be prohibitive. Compared to other similar products, not only is SnoreRx moderately priced but also its durability makes it highly cost-effective.


Adjustment Period – Getting used to sleeping with something in the mouth throughout the night may well take about a week.

Structural Issues – Those who use dentures, or have ill-fitting crowns or bridges, will find it difficult to use SnoreRx. 

Product Specs and Features

User acceptance is one of the most important factors, and this perhaps is the most positive feature of SnoreRx. It does not intimidate a new user.

Some of the important specs and features that set SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece apart are –

Design and Appearance – 

– The soft, high-quality material is devoid of any edges and assures you of greater comfort.

– Soft teeth pads for greater comfort

– The gap between the upper and lower jaw trays allows air to flow freely in case you resort to mouth breathing due to obstruction in the nasal cavity. 

Cost-effectiveness because of the higher durability of 15 to 24 months.

The Customized and unobtrusive fitting in your mouth will stay in place throughout the night.

Posi-Lock Adjustment – you can carry out fine adjustments of one-millimeter to the jaw advancements.

Warranty – The product carries a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Creating a custom impression is very simple.  All you have to do is immerse this device in hot water for a minute. This softens the in-built teeth pads. Thereafter, insert it in your mouth and bite down to obtain a perfectly customized pattern of your teeth. 

A special adjustment for millimetric advancement takes the lower jaw plates slightly forward, ensuring exact mandibular positioning. Since the lower jaw does not “hang” and remains in place throughout the night, it prevents snoring and allows you to sleep peacefully.

The Mandibular Adjustment keeps the base of your tongue forward and prevents it from slipping and blocking your airway. Furthermore, the fine calibration facility of SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece keeps the throat clear without causing any jaw discomfort.

How Does SnoreRx Compare to Other Mouthpieces?

As a customer, what are your basic concerns? 

Quite naturally, the things that matter the most are product’s safety, simplicity in use, durability, economy, effectiveness, and customer support. 

In the overall analysis, SnoreRx is a hands-down winner on all fronts. The main differentiators of SnoreRx however, are its exceptional customization, comfortable fitting, and durability. 

The material used in its soft inner portion is superior quality silicone which is highly malleable when heated and can be re-boiled three times till you get the and exact customized mold that fits in snuggly.

The incremental adjustment of the lower jaw guarantees maximum comfort while wearing it. You can try the setting that is most suitable for you without causing any jaw discomfort.

The form factor is comparatively small and it fits inside the mouth rather unobtrusively 

Let us examine how SnoreRx matches up to the other mandibular mouthpieces.

Similar Mouthpiece Options


Differentiator SnoreRx Eliminator  

Tranquility Pro 2


Cost $22.99 $30.99 $37.99


Size One size fits all


Custom Adjustable


Too large overall


Durability Up to 24 Months


12-18 Months


12-18 Months


Customization High (3 times)


Once Once



Takes time to adjust




Value for Money








Customer Care








Built Quality








Material Medical Grade silicone


Normal plastic


BPA plastic










What Comes With the Product

When you order online, you get two trays with silicone-based customizable molds, for an upper and lower jaw with a built-in calibration device along with a protective travel case.

How Does The SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Work?

The working of this mouthpiece involves a three-step, easy to follow procedure. 


The superior grade silicone material used for the construction of the upper and lower plates consists of molds. Immersing them in hot water for about a minute makes them soft and malleable. Thereafter, place them in the mouth between the jaws and follow up with a firm bite. This guarantees imprints customized to your jawline with exact fitting as per your requirement. 

In case you do not get it right the first time you can re-do the procedure 3 times without degrading the material.


Once SnoreRx has been adjusted to your jawline, you can use the built-in mechanism to hold it between the jaws.


The calibration mechanism is simple and built onto the device itself. You can slide the lower jawline forward, in increments of one millimeter at a time, till you find it comfortable to wear throughout the night.

Fitting Guide

The SnoreRx has an easy DIY mode of customization and fitting that you can do in the comfort of your home. Not only that, but you can also re-fit it three times across its entire lifetime for progressive adjustment.

Steps involved – 
  • Unpack SnoreRx and set the mouthpiece to the baseline setting of 3mm by sliding the lower jaw tray.
  • Boil a medium-sized bowl or large cup of water.
  • Immerse the mouthpiece fully for precisely 90 seconds.
  • Scoop out the SnoreRx from the hot water using tongs or a spoon.
  • now place the device for three seconds into a second bowl of water at room temperature.
  • Take it out and arrange the upper and lower plates in place between your jaws. 
  • Bite the mouthpiece firmly and hold that position without any movement in the mouth for 30 seconds.
  • Take it out and place it back into the bowl having water at room temperature for a minute. 

The Device is now ready to use!

You can repeat this process thrice till you get a perfect fit. 

You can also watch this video to assist you in customizing SnoreRx and another one to use the adjustment feature.

Cleaning and Storing Your Mouthpiece

Like any other medical device, SnoreRx too needs to be kept in perfect hygienic condition. 

Therefore regular brushing cleaning every morning, after using it is highly recommended. Not only will this increase its lifespan, but also it will prevent any further disease in the mouth. 

You can use an ordinary brush and toothpaste and rinse in a mild antiseptic regularly.

Side Effects

SnoreRx is one of the most effective over the counter devices for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. 

It is simple and easy to use. 

However, inserting it overnight into the mouth it can take a few days to adjust. Additionally, there may also be some initial soreness due to mandibular fixation, which can be uncomfortable for the first few nights. 

This is easily overcome as your jaws adjust to this change within a few days. In such cases, you can try to readjust the calibration until you feel comfortable. 

The most reassuring part of buying SnoreRx is that if you still feel unable to adjust, you can return it with a full refund within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be able to use this device while breathing from the mouth?

You need not worry on this account. The V-flow Technology used in the SnoreRx design incorporates an adequately wide gap between the upper and lower trays and allows you to breathe comfortably from your mouth while sleeping.

What if I am unable to adjust to the increase in the mandibular calibration of the lower jaw?

You are not the only one having this observation. Almost all the users feel a bit of tension on the lower jaw during the initial stages. However, this ceases within a few days as you adjust to the settings. If you still feel uncomfortable after the first few days, then try to reduce the incremental change between the lower and upper jaw, and arrive at an optimum position of the calibration.

What is the Posi-Lock Feature

It is the unique design feature of SnoreRx that keeps the settings stable while you sleep. It will prevent any accidental change in the settings and is primarily helpful through the initial days of use as you begin adjusting to the mouthpiece.

Is The SnoreRx Safe To Use?

It is very safe. This is because it is made of the finest medical-grade materials that are hypoallergenic and safe. It is made with molded silicone and is BPA-free. Also, it has sharp edges or metal parts and thus is non-abrasive. There are also no small components that could break free and swallowed as you sleep.

How long does SnoreRx last?

When you use it properly, carrying out regular maintenance, it can from 12 to 24 months.

Is The SnoreRx FDA Approved?

SnoreRx utilizes FDA approved medical-grade co-polymer plastic. However, the products reviewed here are only for informational purposes and not meant to diagnose, treat or avert any illness without a doctor’s consultation.

Does the SnoreRx Help with Snore Apnea

SnoreRx can reduce snoring a great extent among those suffering from Sleep Apnea, except in the cases where the user wears dentures.

How many times can we calibrate it without compromising the quality of fitting?

As per the manufacturer, you can re-calibrate thrice without compromising the quality.

Will putting in boiling water not harm me when I insert it in my mouth?

After removing in boiling water for 90 seconds, you should immerse in the water at room temp for 30 seconds within which it cools down to safe temperature.

How is Mandibular advancement done?

You can achieve Mandibular advancement by carrying out the precise adjustment in the lower tray. These increments help to do readjustments and to keep a record of your progress.


If you or your family is suffering because snoring is not letting you sleep then give SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece a fair try. It is readily available over-the-counter and has no size restrictions. 

With perfectly customizable molds, and the ability to make precise adjustments, it is also one of the most versatile Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD). Its superior quality of material, as well as design features, makes it very safe and easy to use. 

Therefore, go ahead, give it a shot! 

Make it your first choice if you want to bring an end to your heavy snoring days.



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