Why do we snore? Do you know what causes snoring?

Are you facing the snoring problem and want to cure it? Many people ask that what causes snoring. We know that being a snorer, you may also have unanswered concerns about snoring problems.

There are different measures for preventing the snoring problems. We know that snoring cause embarrassment as you sleep with others so we are here to answer your queries about everything that is related to snoring habits.

As we are going to see what are the causes of snoring? First, we need to clearly understand the cause of snoring?

Snoring is defined as an act of producing sound while sleeping. This sound results from the vibrations of the soft palate tissues and sound of other tissues in throat and nose.

People usually try to find out the answer to the question Why Do We Snore? But they really don’t know what the cause of snoring in their case is?

What causes snoring

Snoring is very common for both men and women, although it is reported that snoring is much more prevalent in men.

Snoring usually results when there is a partial blockage in air passages breathing pathway and this blockage may be established anywhere from the tip of the nose, throat to the vocal chords.

What Causes Snoring In Males

According to recent sleep studies, around 45 percent of the general population, 40 percent of the middle-aged people, 30 percent of men and women over age 30 and 6 percent of children snore on a regular basis.

Do you know what causes snoring in males? It is likely to say that men who generally have thicker necks are more prone to snore than women. Many studies show that male have narrower air passages than females.

So men are more likely to snore. Men have narrower air passages; therefore they will allow air through freely. This is the one of the main cause of snoring.

Males are generally more affected than females after adolescence for snoring. In gender-specific distribution, the muscle development and fat deposition around the throat area are more than women.

Testosterone is a predominantly male hormone that gives the male larger neck muscles, deeper voice, etc.

Also, as men become overweight, fat is selectively accumulated in some areas which include the neck. More than 17 inches of a neck circumference is the reason for the presence of snoring.

Basically, if you have more tissues in the neck area likely to have more narrowed airway from the weight of tissues.

What Causes Snoring In Females

Snoring in Females

If we talk about what causes snoring in females? It has proven that the reasons for female snoring are the same as the male. Jaw misalignment, over-relaxed jaw muscles, loose throat muscles, and obesity these all are the reasons that allow the tongue to block the throat blocking off the airways.

The health issues that cause snoring for a couple are that they are equally prone to be diagnosed with stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and risk of heart attacks. These problems cause sleep deprivation which leads to serious health problems.

Normally, the snoring mate can’t sleep because of snores and suffers more just from listening to the snores.

It actually does not matter, whether the husband snores or the wife snores but the end results are low concentration, mood swings, heightened irritability, and relationships issues that end up with the result of not sleeping well.

When women snore, the condition becomes worse as she needs to multitask on a regular basis. She takes care of everything kids, office work and numerous tasks for the family housework.

So when women snore they are more at risk of acquiring a variety of diseases or infections. Sleep loss is a serious matter that affects life whether you realize it or not.

Do you know how snoring is cured in an easy way?

Tips that work to stop snoring

We know that you may make a tough decision on whether should opt for medication or go for a nose surgery or other surgery, but this is not required if you know Snoring causes and effects and how to use some natural snoring remedies. They are effective and safe if you follow the guidelines accurately.

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One of the best and useful remedies is to make some good changes to your lifestyle. For an instance, stop alcohol consumption and smoking. But as yourself, do you have the willpower and determination to do it? You have to find what is good for yourself.

One of the common useful remedies helps to prevent blockage in your air passageways while you sleep is that you can use is to raise the level of your head while sleeping by using two or three pillows. We want to tell you that there are also some mouth exercises that you can do to vanish your snoring.

This includes twisting your tongue, making a big beautiful smile and singing out loudly with a smile.  We know it might sound really funny when you read this, but it really works.

The most important thing is that once you do the right exercises to reduce the blockage in the airways, your snoring problem will be reduced too. You just need to do is to find out the causes of your snoring.

One should sleep at almost the same time every day to prevent snoring. And one should have good sleeping habits to prevent snoring. As a body needs 8 hours to restore energy, it is advised that you establish a good sleep pattern.

Few important changes such as regularizing your sleeping pattern, quitting smoking, and losing weight may reduce your problem. Snoring can also be prompted by a cold which results in blocked airway nasal passages.

In this case, you may also invest in nasal inhalers and decongestants that can help you breathe more easily and freely.

If you have tried all the snoring remedies and you didn’t get any solution. Then you should consider surgery or medication.

Surgery can be the most efficient solution to your snoring problem. In this case most of the time when your snore it is as a result of some other severe medical condition that can only be fixed by surgery.

That is why it is always very necessary to talk to your doctor to have your snoring problem thoroughly checked and a solution determined.

No matter how much you think you know in the case of medication your doctor knows better than you.

We can just suggest to you that surgery is not one of the most preferred solutions but it is the simplest ways of fixing the clumsy throat muscles.

It is the ultimate solution to snoring when home remedies are one helpful. The best decision is to discuss your problem with the doctor.

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