Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-Snoring Pillow Review

The Nitetronic Goodnite™ anti-snoring pillow review finds out the various aspects of this innovative device that can bring you lasting relief from snoring.

Among the plethora of anti-snoring devices that are available, one factor remains mostly common. They all seemingly work on attachments and gadgets that are intrusive. Thereby, it requires your getting used to them.

Not so, when it comes to the Nitetronic GoodNite Anti-Snore pillow!nitetronic goodnite™ anti-snoring pillow review

What is Nitetronic Goodnite™ anti-snoring pillow? The Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow has been specially created with a focus on eliminating snoring. It is an anti-snoring aid designed to assist in getting a full night’s sleep. Moreover, it is a clinically proven aid that uses advanced digital technology to achieve this purpose.

Come to think of it, isn’t a pillow the most natural thing that you use during your sleep?

What Does the Pillow do?

Any pillow essentially lifts the head up slightly to enable you to have a comfortable sleep. However, when you suffer from sleep apnea and snoring, then there is a need to try out something different.

This is where the Nitetronic GoodNite Anti-Snore pillow becomes an attractive option worth trying. It is one of the most effective solutions that bring lasting relief by remarkably reducing, or even eliminating snoring!

Here is the result of extensive research in the form of Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow review, which will help you make an informed choice.

Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillow Review

As far as its features go, the Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillow looks like a more sophisticated version of a normal pillow. It measures 24″ X 14.5″ X 3″, which is the standard size for any queen size bed. Therefore, you can use a normal pillow cover which will increase its maintainability by keeping it clean.

This is where its similarity with the normal pillows ends.

This pillow consists of multiple chambers and sensors that monitor your breathing pattern, and make corrective changes so that you do not start snoring.

The Technology Behind The Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillownitetronic goodnite™ anti-snoring pillow review 2

The Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillow has the following major components-

  1. A pillow made of polyester material that has chambers within, which you can inflate or deflate as per requirement
  2. A digital sensor unit that monitors your breathing pattern, and sends appropriate signals to the inflating unit.
  3. An inflating unit that helps in filling up, or reducing, the quantity of air in the various chambers in the pillow.
  4. An app that stores the information for your further use and monitoring.

How Does It Work?

Without getting into the technical details of programming of the digital control unit, its working seems to be fairly simplistic. All you have to do is to plug it, and the sensors and air-chambers pretty much do their jobs efficiently.

The digital control unit monitors your breathing sounds and also filters out the sound of snoring from the other sources.  These are the ambient noises, like that of air conditioners, fans, etc.

Not only that, but it also maps the position of the way you place your head!

The pillow has special built-in sensors that “listen” to the sounds in the room. It detects your snoring fairly easily the moment it starts because your head is right next to the sensors.

The filtering technology makes these sensors very sensitive. They can easily “catch” the sound of snoring as soon as it starts! They also can filter out the other sounds and send instantaneous feedback to the inflating unit.
On receipt of these signals, the inflating unit activates and starts a very slow, noiseless inflation of the air chambers in the pillow. This, in turn, results in raising your head by two to three inches.

When it raises your head, it is natural to subconsciously turn sides. This side or upwards change of your position puts a stop to your snoring. Thereafter, the sensors, on detection of the movement of your head, send a signal to the deflating unit. It then removes air from the chambers and brings the pillow back to normal size. All these actions take place in a noiseless manner, so you would not feel disturbed.

What Does it Achieve?

Changing your position rouses your relaxed muscles that are responsible for creating the sound of snoring. This leads to normal breathing without snoring and lasts for some time, depending upon the severity of your problem. Thereafter, this process takes place whenever you begin to snore again.

The built quality of all the materials used in making the Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillow is excellent. Which is the reason that there is practically no sound, except a slight humming, during the entire process.

Are you still getting disturbed by this sound during inflation and deflation? The good news is that you can adjust the sensitivity further by using the in-house smartphone app termed Nitelink-2.

What is Nitelink-2?

This is an app that is used to store the data about your entire history of movements. It enables you to track your activity and adjust your movements, to further improve your sleep pattern.

In case the slight humming sound disturbs you, you can adjust the digital inflating device as per your comfort level.

How Well Does the Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillow Work?nitetronic pillow

It does sound to be different from any other product and appears to be more promising. However, there’s always a doubt whether it will deliver as promised.
If you reflect, the main cause of snoring is the relaxed muscles along your nasal airways. You would have also noticed that when you nudge a snoring partner, he or she momentarily stops snoring.
It is the same principle that works here. Except for the fact that instead of nudging your partner physically, you use an electronic device to do the same. This is by inflating the air chambers in the pillow.
The credit or the success of such devices depends upon their sensors. The faster they detect the snoring sound, the sooner they react and make you change your sleeping position.

On experimentation, it was found that is this pillow is quite sensitive and does its job as advertised.

Most of the users found it pretty soundless, and they could sleep throughout the night without much disturbance.

The Final Thoughts

The Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow brings down the occurrences of snoring. This helps you get an undisturbed sleep.
It has an intuitive App that stores the requisite data of your sleep and snoring patterns. This helps in modifying and fine-tuning the settings to perfection.
The Nitetronic Goodnite™ Anti-snoring Pillow is, therefore, ideal to bring relief in the cases of mild sleep apnea and snoring.







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