Is the Anti Snoring Silicone Ventilation Nose Clip Any Good

There is a large variety of anti snoring devices available in the market. Many of these, like the CPAP device, have a daunting-looking mechanism. This makes us wonder whether the small and insignificant looking anti snoring silicone ventilation nose clip any good.

After all, this device is simplistic and comes without batteries for power supply. So how exactly do they measure up to the task of controlling your snoring?

Anti Snoring Silicone Ventilation Nose Clip

For this, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of snoring.

Certain Factors That Prompt Snoring 

There are many factors that prompt snoring. Some of them are- the shape of your mouth, alcohol consumption, sinuses, allergies, nasal blockages due to cold, and weight.

When you drowse off and proceed from light sleep to deep sleep, the inner muscles in the tongue, throat, and the soft palate of your mouth slacken. The membranes in your windpipe can loosen enough and partially obstruct your airway and cause vibration.

The narrower your airway becomes, the more forceful is the airflow. Therefore, louder is the sound of snoring due to the increased vibration of the membranes.

The following facts are noteworthy –

  1. In general, over-relaxation of the upper airway causes snoring.
  2. It often occurs during less-than-deep sleep. 
  3. For snoring to stop, you need to ensure that the air passage remains unobstructed.

Snoring Control Devices 

Almost all the devices that control snoring are made with the view to keep the air passage open through the night while you sleep. 

Many of these devices have been made after a long Research and made of Advanced Technological components. Some of them are also quite expensive while others have questionable results.

When we compare its basic technology, it makes us wonder is the anti snoring silicone ventilation nose clip any good. After all, it is small in size and very simple to use. 

This little device controls snoring effectively, without hindering the regular sleep cycle.

What Is The Anti Snoring Silicone Ventilation Nose Clip?

The Anti Snore Snoring Nose Clips are essentially Nasal Dilators made of soft silicone. This is an effective Apnea Aid Device.

It has a shape like a U-clip (or the shape of a horseshoe). When the clips grip the inner partition of the nostrils, the two arms expand sideways, clearing the air passage from any of obstruction. It keeps it this way so that you can breathe an adequate amount of air. 

Design Features Of Anti Snoring Silicone Ventilation Nose Clip

The material used for making the anti snoring silicone ventilation nose clip is non-allergic, medically approved silicone. It comes in the size of approximately 1.8cm x 1.5cm x 0.6cm and is generally transparent, long-lasting, washable and reusable. 

Since it does not have any complicated parts and no batteries, it is simple to use and economically viable option for many. Certain versions of the nose clip also have small embedded magnets at the tips, which further improve its effects.

It prevents the soft turbinate from dropping. This keeps the tongue in its normal position. Furthermore, the nose cavity remains open throughout the night while when asleep.

The magnets assist in breathing by applying the Tibetan acupressure principles for maintaining good nasal health. When placed inside the clip, they restore the normal breathing cycle. 

Other Features of Interest

  • Since it is made of soft material it is also very comfortable and fits inside the nostril gently. There are no sharp or uneven edges, which makes it completely safe to use.
  • It is very elastic remains in place without falling off during sleep.
  • As the device is very simple in construction, it is also very easy to clean and maintain good hygiene.
  • It has a small travel case for easy carrying and safe storage.
  • This device is very useful in case of mild and moderate cases of snoring. It can also help in overcoming issues like sinusitis.  
  • There are no complicated shapes and sizes, and it is a one size fits all device which safe in every aspect.
  • It keeps the nostrils apart in a gentle manner without causing any discomfort
  • Dilation of the nostrils makes the air flow freely. Thus there is no need for the mouth to open. This prevents the tongue from going backward and creating an obstruction in the Airway; which is the major reason for snoring. Moreover, there is also no dryness of the mouth because of this reason.

Analysis of the Anti Snoring Silicone Ventilation Nose Clip

An impartial analysis of the claims made by the various manufacturers brings out many facts. You should consider them all before you go in for using the anti snoring silicone ventilation nose clip.

First and foremost, you should understand that it is not meant for severe cases of sleep apnea that requires a doctor’s advice and medical intervention. You can safely use it for the ordinary case of snoring without any other diagnosis.

The device is simple to use with no feeling of discomfort after a few days of use. 

The efficacy of using magnets is doubtful. Various trials have proved that there is no difference in the results while using these clips with or without magnets. Therefore, is it worth paying the extra cost? This is something that you may seriously consider.


Snoring is a likely life-threatening ailment. You should not leave it untreated. Luckily there is enough help available in the form of various over the counter devices.

The anti snoring silicone ventilation nose clip is one of the simplest devices that can help you significantly. Additionally, it will help overcome all the connected other health-related issues like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, over the edge behavior, etc. Not only that, but it will also bring a lot of peace and harmony with your significant half.

Remember, love may be blind but is certainly not deaf!

Do not let the sound of your snoring make your partner go crazy. While you might feel the discomfort initially, wearing the anti-snoring silicone ventilation nose clip while sleeping is but a small price to pay.





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