Let’s Explore All About Septum: Deviation and Surgery

Are you looking for the solution of the deviated nose? First of all, you have to be aware of “What is a Septum?” Basically, the septum is a partition between nostrils separating two chambers.

When the nose bone is deviated or making a problem for you to breathe properly then we call it deviated septum.

Deviated septum points to a state where your nasal septum, which is the cartilage and the bone that separates the nose’s nasal cavity in half, grows off-centered or crooked, by causing a problem in breathing.

This condition takes place when you have an uprooted or displaces nasal septum.

Here are some major symptoms and signs of this problem: Obstruction of one or both of your nostrils, Difficulty in breathing, Post-nasal drip, Recurring or frequent sinus infections, Nasal congestion, Repetitive sneezing, Sinus infections, Nosebleeds, Sleep apnea, Headaches, Facial pain and Snoring.

What are the major causes of Deviated Septum-What causes it?

The condition can be prompted by a number of cases. It can become obvious at birth in states where it takes place during fetal development.

So, how to tell if you have a deviated septum? Deviated Septum can also be the result of any injury affecting your nose including hitting your nose on a step, collisions with other people and things such as tripping on the stairs.

Contact sports, Automobile accidents or active play may also induce this type of harm. It should also be remarked that aging may intensify it because it may happen in atrophy of your nasal tip cartilage.

Few Effects of a Deviated Septum


A deviated septum can also affect your nose because it can make one nostril more contracted than the other. It may begin with the following complications and illnesses. And it may also lead to trouble breathing through nose. Deviated Septum leads to Nose Blockage.

A well-positioned and centralized septum allows comfortable airflow and breathing through your nose. When you have a problem of a deviated septum, this will lead to nose blockage, causing it tougher for you to breathe comfortably.

It becomes worse when you have a cold or infection, during which there will be a high chance for the tissues in your nose to become expanded. It can also cause sinus infections.

Apart from possessing difficult time breathing due to your obstructed nose, a deviated septum may also let you suffer from sinusitis. So you should be aware of what causes a deviated septum?

This state is capable of blocking your sinus openings and interfering with the effluent so suffer from sinus infections due to it.  This makes your nose to find trouble dislodging nasal mucus.

Apart from sinus infections, this may also lead to post-nasal drip, rise inflammation, facial pain, and headaches.

Another solution for Deviated Septum is Decongestants. These are useful in reducing nasal congestion and in reopening up the airways in the two sides of your nose. You can get this medicine both in the pill or the nasal spray form.

But always make sure that if you practice strict caution when using decongestants as these come with energizer effects that may result in your feeling nervous while also raising your blood pressure or heart rate.

Nasal Steroid Sprays are also useful in significantly diminishing nasal passage infection and in limiting a runny nose.

How can you cure your condition with different treatments?


Treating a deviated septum is presently manageable counting the many solutions that are offered by the medical products to the people. Antihistamines are one of the best treatments available in the market.

These are medicines that are essentially used in cold symptoms and blocking allergy such as a runny nose.

You should observe these problems for deviated septum self-test. If you are facing these problems frequently then it’s time to find a solution. You can try these methods as a way to improve your breathing.

Nevertheless, practicing antihistamines may issue in drowsiness that may reduce your eligibility to perform tasks that require bodily coordination include driving.

It should be remarked, though, that this approach has a few side effects including the irritation of the throat and dryness of the nose so you have to be cautious. The Last option is a surgery.

The surgical method performed to align correctly the septum is known as septal reconstruction or septoplasty.

This method is normally conducted with other methods that are used in treating chronic sinusitis, inflammation or bleeding, and in correcting sleep apnea. Septoplasty is also performed to get relieved of nasal polyps.

This is suitable for you if your situation that you already started to snore and facing breathing problems that can’t be cured without surgery.

Sleeping Disorders and Sleep Apnea can cause by Deviated Septum. The blocking in your nose can result in trouble in breathing by your nose so you are supposed to undergo sleeping disorders such as noisy breathing, sleep apnea, and snoring.

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Sleep apnea is defined by an obstacle of your breathing while sleeping and this can start with daytime tiredness, trouble in sleeping and snoring.

A deviated septum can make air turbulence inside the nose, which in turn causes the nostrils more apt to cracking and drying out, causing nosebleeds.

How does Septum Surgery Works?


For surgery, your surgeon will use a lighted thin instrument or an endoscope to evaluate your nasal passages and the septum. An anesthesia will be given during the surgery to assure that you won’t feel pain.

Fixing your deviated septum needs your doctor to make a cut in your nostrils to separate mucosa from your cartilage and bone.

It is also essential for you to get that the improvement period will vary from one person to another based on circumstances such as the health of the patient and the skill of the surgeon.

If you are planning to opt surgery then you are advised to ask your doctor about the disadvantages of this surgery before deciding whether or not to opt for this option or not. The common recovery time period for the surgical procedure and care is around five to eight days.

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