Does Vital Sleep Help With Sleep Apnea?

What exactly is Vital Sleep? Does Vital Sleep help significantly with Sleep Apnea?

Constant lack of sleep due to snoring can play havoc in anyone’s life. Sleep apnea is not only a major Does vital sleep help with sleep apneaspoiler in peace and harmony of any relationship, but it also causes many health issues. Therefore, you should not overlook it for too long.

Many devices like the CPAP, mouth guards and dental attachments claim to bring relief from snoring during sleep.  However, most of them are simply not practical as they need a lot of adjustments. You also need to get used to wearing them throughout the night.

Does vital sleep help with sleep apnea? VitalSleep is an over the counter mandibular adjustment device which is an economical alternative to the TAP 3 (the Thornton adaptable positioner). It pulls the jaw forward and keeps it from “dropping. This prevents the blockage of the nasal cavity and diminishes snoring.

What Are The Oral Options That Can Help With Sleep Apnea?

Oral options are of two kinds-

  1. Prescription Devices

    – These are the devices that by a doctor, orthodontist, or a dentist prescribes for you after a full examination.

  2. Over the Counter Devices

    – These are the products you get without any prescription at the local chemist or online.

All these devices (prescription as well as OTC) control snoring by manipulating the lower jaw by moving it slightly forward. This causes the mouth to shut and creates some extra space in the windpipe.

What is Vital Sleep?

Prescription devices are generally quite costly as they are crafted to match the exact profile of every mouth cavity. Their cost can shoot up to as high as $2,000 to $3,000. The TAP has a fine-adjustment key that facilitates the patients to progressively move their lower jaw by a few millimeters. This makes it fit properly to function perfectly. Also, prescription devices have a longer useful life and last from three up to five years

Some dentists also offer slightly less costly devices. However, even those are not so pocket- friendly and can cost you as high as $300 to $800.

What is the point of trying them when, even after paying so much, they do not work well enough? Would you, therefore, not like to try out something on similar lines before taking a deeper plunge?

This is where the over-the-counter (OTC) anti-snoring appliances come to your rescue. They cost just a fraction of the similarly designed prescribed devices and can give you amazing results.

How does vital sleep help with sleep apnea?

VitalSleep is one such mandibular manipulation appliance that comes to you from the house of the famous “Stop Snoring Co,” and cost you just around $45.

It is, therefore, a good option that gives you value for money. If you look after it well, it can give you more than one year of trouble-free performance.

But does it work that well, or is it just hype?

Let us find out.

Does Vital Sleep Help With Sleep Apnea?

If you go the claims made on the official VitalSleep website, it lays a very high figure of those who Does vital sleep help with sleep apnea 2proclaimed benefit after using this device.  As per David Hernandez, the Company President, the idea of developing this device came after he spent $2,000 on a prescription appliance that lasted merely a few months.

Hernandez further states that this device is a viable solution to stop snoring, but it is not specifically for managing sleep apnea.  However, VitalSleep too, like the prescription appliances, keeps the lower jaw pulled slightly forward to stop snoring.

These devices are, therefore, often adequate to manage moderate cases of sleep apnea. However, inexpensive and over-the-counter devices are possibly dangerous too. As per an orthodontic Prof. Alan Lowe at the Univ. of British Columbia, non-prescription devices that relieve snoring may not address the “silent apnea” completely. They can potentially endanger your health.

On the other hand, even the costly high-end prescription may not work for everyone. For instance, very obese patients with apnea should try more scientific treatments, like the CPAP, instead of the mandibular devices.

Some Pros and Cons of VitalSleep

As brought out earlier, although costing just a fraction of similar prescription devices, VitalSleep is an equally effective mandibular manipulation device. It comes in two sizes – separately for males and females.

The ‘boil and bite” technique ensures a customized fit into your mouth. It also has the convenience of making minor adjustments. This helps in increasing the mandibular increment progressively until the time it fits in exactly and gives the desired results. It also carries a full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects, and in case of dissatisfaction due to any reason.


  • It has an option to choose from small and regular sizes. This ensures greater user comfort.
  • High-quality material gives an accurate fit that helps it keeping it in place throughout the night without causing discomfort.
  • The Incremental adjustment feature assists in securing a custom fit and gives the best results.
  • The design incorporates an airway opening which is a boon for mouth breathers.
  • You can easily wear it over your dentures.
  • You get good options to try it and return if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • It is highly dependent on how well you go through the customization “boil and bite” technique.
  • It requires regular cleaning and maintenance for ensuring good hygiene and for it to last long.
  • There is slight learning and “getting used to” involved. Initially, you may feel a slight discomfort accompanied by soreness in the jaw.


The best mode of treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea may be quite different. Hence you need to take into account several factors. The chief among them is, of course, how severe your problem is.

While it may be helpful to stop snoring, you should anticipate vital sleep help with sleep apnea only in mild cases.

Finally, in severe cases, your doctor will decide the best mode of treatment based upon the natural arrangement of your nasal airway, other related medical symptoms, and your own choice.

You can try out Vitalsleep in the cases of –

  • Mild snoring accompanied by grinding your teeth.
  • If you want to try out the efficacy of MAD ( mandibular adjustment devices) before opting for a costlier option.
  • You are skeptical about the adjustment and comfort factor and would like to try out something that can be subsequently adjusted to your comfort level.





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