Does The Clipple Work To Stop Snoring?

Living with someone who snores loudly throughout the night can be torturous that makes people go Does The Clipple Work To Stop Snoringto great lengths to overcome this problem. To this end, you find many devices touted to help you control snoring.

One such device marketed aggressively these days is a clipple. Does the clipple work to stop snoring?

Sometimes lifestyle changes, as well as medicines, are not adequate to stop snoring. One of the reasons for snoring is the structural construct of the nose as well as the mouth. In such cases, external devices can be very effective in controlling snoring.

What is clipple?

As the name indicates, clipple is essentially a modified clip-like gadget. Made from a soft and lightweight material like silicone, it is a simple and easy-to-use mechanism which improve nasal breathing.  It prevents snoring almost instantly. Once the snoring stops you can have sound sleep.

Clipples are reusable and made of hypoallergenic material that is soft and without any sharp edges. The best part about clipple is that it is safe, secure and comfortable with no side effects. Also, you adapt to it quite fast.

Some of the more innovative designs also feature therapeutic magnets on the inside. The make use of the magnetic field and traditional Tibetan medicine.

It leads to stimulating the sensory nerves in the nasal cavity and prevent them from collapsing during the sleep.

How does the clipple work to stop snoring?

The U shaped design of the clipple has high elasticity and rounded edges. You can also choose the rotation feature to make fine adjustments that fit in snugly. They come in common sizes and can fit any nose type. The special soft material used makes it very safe and easy to adapt. This facilitates wearing it comfortably for a long duration during your sleep.

How do we use Clipple?

The usage is fairly simple. All it involves is gently embedding the side-arms into the nostrils with the “U” curve resting upon the central portion (tip) of your nose. The clipple gently widens the nostrils and causes dilatation.

How does Clipple Help?

By dilating the nostrils, it stops the passage from collapsing and decreases the “respiratory resistance.” This improves the flow of air and results in a reduction in the occurrences of chronic snoring.

Unlike the other more complicated anti-snoring devices, like the chinstraps, the Clipple does not disturb the sleep as it fits in unobtrusively.

Certain uncertainties about the effectiveness. Does the clipple work to stop snoring? Consider the following-

  1. The function of magnets and their effect is unclear. This is because similar devices without magnets seem to function equally well.
  2. The duration of its use to be fully effective is also undecided.  However, you can use it any time you feel that snoring is causing you restless sleep. This is because except for initial discomfort, it has no side effects.
  3. In the final analysis, Clipple seems to be worth giving a try.  Since there are no harmful side effects, it can prove to be an ideal solution to your problem of snoring.


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