Does a Memory Foam Pillow Help With Snoring?

Sometimes a simple pillow can do a much better job of stopping snoring than many other costlier and complicated devices. But does a memory foam pillow help with snoring in all cases? 

When snoring is not due to your sleeping posture but some other health issue, you may need a better solution. However, there is no denying the fact that in almost all the common causes of snoring, you are bound to get relief if you select the pillow correctly.

Does a Memory Foam Pillow Help With Snoring

Does a memory foam pillow help with snoring?

Chronic snoring causes many health-related issues. Besides this, it also creates tensions in relationship problems between sleeping partners. 

Some bed partners could go to any length to get appropriate anti-snoring aid, and the humble pillow appears to answer their call. A well selected Anti-snoring pillow addresses a sleeper’s issue adequately. Consider the fact that almost all chronic snorers have one common style of sleeping. They are all back sleepers. While they sleep on their backs, their jaw drops down and the mouth becomes wide open. This causes the tongue to slip to the posterior section of the mouth, blocking the airway. The obstruction in the airway causes snoring.

Isn’t it, therefore, logical to assume that given the right kind of support to the jaw would stop snoring?

This is exactly what a foam memory pillow does. The selection of the right kind of pillow is important because everyone has a different way of sleeping. Some of you might be turning and tossing much more often than the others. Similarly, the others require a harder pillow to keep the neck in an aligned position with their shoulders.

Along with the other anti-snore devices like the nasal strips, mouth guards, clippets, etc, the pillows are also equally important.

Features of Memory Foam Pillow

  1. Some of the common features in the anti-snore Memory Foam Pillow are:
  2. They are made of hypoallergenic elements that can be washed at home
  3. Small to medium size to ensure ease of carrying during travel
  4. An ergonomic shape that aligns the head with the shoulders and maintains an open airway.
  5. Shaped to suit your body while side-sleeping
  6. Give a Neck Alignment facility even when sleeping on the Side.

Varieties of the Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow Pillows

The overall concept behind an anti-snoring pillow is that after a snorer adopts sideways sleeping, the snoring usually stops.

The design of the Anti-snore pillows holds your head comfortably while sleeping sideways over a prolonged period. This is achieved by having well-researched foam shapes and specially created materials that provide overall sleep quality. 

Common Shapes of the Anti-Snore Pillows

Various trials confirm the fact that it is the shape of the pillow that clearly defines the amount of positive effect it will have on reducing or eliminating snoring altogether. The personal choice, as well as characteristics of the sleep and snoring pattern, dictates a combination of the following characteristics-

  • Wedge-shaped (looks like a thin triangle) to keep the jaw down.
  • Cervical support contours to offer neck support.
  • Use of soft memory foam for overall sleep comfort.
  • Straight pillow for keeping the alignment of neck and shoulders.
  • U-shaped body-hugging anti-snoring pillows (used by pregnant women)

Types of Memory Foam Pillow Characteristics

Wedge Memory Foam Pillow

They offer a Supportive inclination and elevate your upper body; this aligns your spine and keeps your airways sufficiently open. Not only this, but the wedge pillows also eliminate many other associated health problems like back pain, acid reflux, etc. By addressing multiple problems, the wedge pillow is the first choice of snorers looking for a night of profound sleep.

Contour Pillow (Special Shape) to the Relax Muscles

Especially shaped contoured pillows that match the body’s natural curves have been developed after years of clinical trials. The simple mechanism of its raised center and indentions for shoulders helps to hold your head elevated perfectly. This is an ideal choice for those with sleep apnea since it cradles you in a normal sleeping position. Its wavy design maintains the neck in a position that keeps the airway open allowing you to get sufficient oxygen while sleeping.

Latex Foam Memory Foam Pillow

The Latex foam anti-snoring pillows have a firmer surface as compared to the memory foam pillows. This provides a solid supportive surface to sleep. Besides this, you also get latex foam anti-snore pillows with a moderate curve that keeps your airways aligned and open when you sleep. Not only that, but the latex foam anti-snoring pillows also reduce the tossing and turning movements which make snoring worse.

CPAP Pillow 

When sleep apnea is the major cause of snoring then a CPAP pillow is ideal for you as it fits your Breathing Mask.

These pillows design enables your CPAP mask to fit snugly and remain stable throughout the night. These pillows help you in sleeping comfortably throughout the night without the worry of waking up irrespective of the side you sleep. 


An efficient anti-snoring pillow provides you with a comfortable sleep. Basically what does a memory foam pillow help with snoring is that it supports your head and spine perfectly. This prevents obstructions and makes the flow of air easy. This makes your breathing easier. A memory foam pillow is much effective than it is credited with.

They guarantee the prevention of any blockage by giving proper support to the neck. 

It addresses the basic problem of keeping the palate supported so that it doesn’t come down to touch the tongue and obstruct the airflow while breathing.

So long as the airways remain clear of any blockages, chances are bright that you won’t snore. Additionally, the anti-snoring pillows are a great choice to help you sleep comfortably with your sides. 

Back sleepers can also easily adapt to them as there are no external restrictions. The best part of using pillows to stop snoring is that there are no user instructions either!

All you have to do is to make a match of the type of pillow that suits your body, and go off to a sound sleep!





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