Do Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillows Actually Work

Snoring is something that we do not take too seriously. That is because it has existed for so long that we consider it as a normal activity.

However, what most of us don’t consider are the various side effects of not sleeping well. Furthermore, snoring also creates many problems for others who sleep in the same room.

Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillows

It is not uncommon to see many arguments, fights, and accusations if any one of the partners gets up groggy. Lack of sleep can also lead to many health issues like depression, anxiety, blood pressure, dark circles under eyes, etc. Besides this, it can also lead to serious illnesses like obstructive sleep apnea.

There are many anti-snoring devices like clips, straps, pillows, etc available in the market. All of them essentially stabilize the tongue by causing a mandibular adjustment. This ensures that the relaxed muscles in the airway do not start vibrating when you breathe.

One such device that is in vogue these days is the anti-snoring pillows. These are some of the advancements to control snoring, and as expected, are non-invasive as well as simple to use.

There is another variety of these anti-snoring pillows known as smart sensor anti-snore pillows.

How does a Normal Anti Snore Pillow differ from the smart sensor pillow?

The difference between a normal pillow and the smart sensor pillow is huge. A normal pillow is based upon the type of material as well as the shape. All it does is that it helps in keeping posture conducive to sleeping without snoring. The smart sensor pillow, on the other hand, is proactive. It keeps track of the noise you make during the sleep and it activates on sensing the sound of snoring.

But do the smart sensor anti-snore pillows work?

As per the latest trials all over the world, it appears that yes it does help in stopping snoring.

However, as is the case with many devices this too has its limitations.

Let’s examine the smart sensor anti-snore pillows in detail.

Background about the Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillows

These pillows have evolved after a great amount of research as well as experimentation.

They are largely inconspicuous and look like any other anti-sleep pillow.

You can sleep on it as you do normally do on any other pillow. The only difference is that this activates smartly, using the sensor mechanism automatically, as soon as you start snoring.

Using this pillow can give you a new lease on life. This is because it puts an end to your tossing and turning in the bed.

It can indeed ensure a sound sleep with your partner once you start using it.

Design Aspects of Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillows.

Outwardly, the pillow looks like any other normal contoured pillow, but it is a piece of highly evolved design.

It consists of the following elements-

  1. Smart control microprocessor chip also called the snore-free chip. As the name indicates, the movement it latches on to the sound of snoring it activates the entire system.
  2. The airbags inside the pillow– When the smart controller chip senses the sound of snoring, it activates the mechanism which starts filling up the airbags. They start expanding and raising the height of the pillow noiselessly at a slow pace.
  3. The ergonomic shape of the pillow– Its natural contours make your head and the neck rises slowly. This leads to opening up the narrow air passages.
  4. The double-action inflation of airbags stops your snoring.
  5. The air release valve deflates after about 10 seconds. This brings the pillow back in its original shape.
  6. The process repeats itself every time the sensors pick up the sound of snoring.

This repetitive action is very gentle and almost noiseless. Therefore, you will have a disturbance-free, sound sleep throughout the night.

Design Aspects of Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillows

Ergonomic design with three-dimensional contouring keeps the head, neck, and shoulders comfortably in place throughout the night.

A stereoscopic auto inflatable double padded airbag that inflates uniformly.

Its double-decker design caters to the need to personalize the height. You can select inflation as per the personal requirement.

The sound sensing technology, using a microprocessor chip activates it automatically. This results in an ideal shape of the pillow that supports your head comfortably throughout the night. Thus it is not only you but also your roommate who will have a snoring free night of sleep.

Do the smart sensor anti-snore pillows always work?

Like everything else, there are bound to be certain drawbacks in the design and functioning of these anti-snore pillows. This is because no one size fits all. Moreover, it takes a different amount of time for different people to adapt.


Does it make any sound while inflating the airbags?

Ans: Yes there is a very slight whirring sound which is not noticeable after the first few days.

Does it use electricity, or it uses batteries?

Ans: The entire unit is rechargeable and comes along with an adaptor which charges the in-built batteries in about 3 hours.

You can safely use this for 2 to 3 days thereafter. The power consumption is negligible to the tune of 3.5 Watts only.

How long does it take for us to adapt to smart sensor anti snore pillows?

Ans: During the trials, it has been found that this takes only 2 to 3 days. This is because it operates so silently and in a gentle fashion.


After repeated trials, it has been found that the smart sensor anti-snore pillows are well worth a try.

This device is simple to use and you can select a high and low inflation point depending on what works for you.

The sensor is sensitive and the inflation and deflation take place instantaneously. On reaching the desired elevation, it begins to deflate quietly. The entire process takes place in just around three minutes.

They are useful in almost 90% cases except in serious cases which require further investigations by the medical specialists.

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