Clipple Anti Snoring Device Review

If you snore during your sleep, you realize the consequences of inadequate sleep and its effect on health. It is important to control snoring to lead a happy and healthy, fulfilling life with your partner. There are many devices and over the counter drugs available these days to bring you relief.

Among these devices are the mouthpieces, snorex, face masks, anti-snoring pillows, etc. A clipple is perhaps the most basic and the most economical solution when it comes to selecting the devices to control snoring.

Clipple Anti Snoring Device

Considering the various facts specially the economics of sleep control devices you may be tempted to go in for the clipple, which is the simplest and less invasive of the devices. While you are right in considering the economics and functionality, but how effective exactly are these clips?

Before you decide to buy one of these devices you must go through this clipple anti-snoring device review.

What Exactly Is A Clipple Anti Snoring Device?

As the name suggests this is a device that is made like a clip that holds onto the nasal bridge and is supposed to give relief from snoring. 

It is essentially a dilator which opens up the nasal cavity and assists in easy breathing. 

Characteristics of a Clipple Anti Snoring Device

  • It is made of lightweight silicone which is soft and supple and shaped like a horseshoe. When inserted in the nostrils at its base, it gives a grip on either side using the soft arms of this horseshoe-shaped device.
  • As self-help device, it is easy to use and is supposed to improve nasal breathing and prevent snoring.  
  • While the basic clipple is pure silicon-based and is very flexible, you also get features like mini therapeutic magnets based upon the magnetic therapy for ancient Tibetan practices.
  • It has a soft, yet firm grip that keeps it in place during the entire night, while at the same time; it also stimulates the sensory nerves in the nasal cavity.
  • The clipple is small in size and made of reusable material. 

Its manufacturers claim that it has a very high success rate, and helps you get sound sleep. So let us explore a bit more about this clipple.

How Exactly Does Clipple Work?

As per the manufacturers, you have to place a U-shaped clipple at the base of your nostrils and one arm each on either side grips it from inside. This action makes the arms of the clipple expand sideways and results in a gentle widening of the nostrils.

The dilating action in the nasal cavity helps in improving the quantity of airflow by reducing the resistance. This results in stopping the snoring without disturbing your sleep. Also, unlike many other devices, it does not cause any discomfort while sleeping.

You can also turn your head and sleep in any position that you feel comfortable about. Of course, if you combine this with other devices such as an anti-snoring pillow, it would give much better results and comfortable sleep.

However, the manufacturers do not mention certain other facts that are important from the user’s point of view. These are –

  1. How long should you be using the clipple? Does it lead to a permanent solution after a certain period, or you have to continue using throughout your life?
  2. How long should you use one clipple before discarding it? Alternatively, what you should do in case you find the effect wearing off after a few days?
  3. Are there any adverse reactions you should know about, especially regarding the side effect of magnets?
  4. How to Maintain Firmness and Effectiveness of Clipple Anti Snoring Device?
  5. What are the Do’s and Don’ts of this device? 
  6. Are there any restrictions on its use?
  7. What action can you take in case of any adverse reaction?
  8. Is the usage recommendation also backed by some research data?
  9. Can simply nasal dilation reduce snoring?

Important Facets of the Clipple Anti Snoring Device Review

The clipple anti-snoring device review addresses two main issues – the effect of nasal dilation, and the clinical evidence of magnetic therapy. 

Efficacy of nasal dilation in controlling snoring

Nasal dilation can take place by two methods. The first method involves placing a strip externally. It has a pulling effect on the nostrils from the outside. However, these devices are not reusable. Besides this, they are also not as effective as the clipples, which are used internally.

When you use a clipple, it grips the center part of the nostrils by the ends of its arms. At the same time, the arms tend to expand outwards. The arms of this clip automatically adopt the position thereafter and expand outward on either side like a cone or a prong. It maintains this position throughout the night, or as long as you are wearing the clips. This has a direct effect on opening the nostrils. Besides this, as explained above, you can reuse it many times based upon the type and durability of the material used. 

The clinical evidence of magnetic therapy in clipple 

Static magnets at very low intensity can treat many illnesses and alleviate pain. You can use them in the form of rings, bracelets, and pendants, as well as shoe inserts. 

However, there are no conclusive clinical trials, nor is there any evidence that the clipple that has magnets is any more effective than those that haven’t. Besides this, the size of the device will increase by the presence of magnets, which is best avoided.

The cost difference also is marginal.

The Final Verdict

The clipple is an interesting device that is finding a lot of favor among those who do not want any major intrusion into their mouths.

It has a small profile and is relatively easy to use as well as maintain. It does give some relief from snoring especially in mild cases. You can easily use it along with other simpler devices, like the specially shaped anti-snoring pillows.

In the final analysis, considering the ease of use as well as the cost it is well worth giving it a try.




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