Best Anti-Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers

Snoring can lead to a host of problems that originate from sleep deprivation. It is not only the people who snore, but also the spouses, need partners, and the significant others, who suffer from or chronic insomnia, depression, relationship issues, and a host of similar issues.

Many devices can help you overcome this problem. Let us analyze the best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers that are the simplest, practical and at times, the most devices to help you stop snoring.

Best Anti-Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers

How Can Anti-Snore Pillow For Side Sleepers Help?

While there may be many reasons why we snore, sleeping habits are also responsible to a great extent. It is a well-acknowledged fact that sleeping sideways reduces snoring significantly.

However, it is not possible to sleep like that throughout the night. That is because of the natural urge to shift and turn during sleep.

When we sleep on our back, it makes our jaw hang and results in the opening of the mouth. While doing so, the tongue pushes backward, obstructing the airways and causes snoring.

This is where an anti-snoring pillow comes to your aid.

Regrettably, most anti-snoring pillows cater to those who sleep on the back. This is why finding a pillow that is the best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers is a bit of a challenge.

Common Features of the Anti-Snoring Pillows for Side Sleepers

An ideal pillow should be soft enough to be comfortable and, at the same time, maintain the shape that supports your head position.

Besides this, some other important factors that are important are –

  • They should be made of soft, non-allergenic, durable material.
  • Be capable of being easily washed at home.
  • Retain shape even after long use.
  • Small enough in size to carry easily while traveling.
  • Shaped scientifically to align your head and shoulders and keep the airway open while breathing.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort.

Which is the Best Anti-Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers? 

Here is an insight into the characteristics of some of the leading brands that offer the best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers. This will help you decide the appropriate pillow for your needs more easily by bringing you a list of the best anti-snoring pillows for side sleepers. 

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow   (Price:$43.99)

These are the orthopedic sleeping pillows that have an ergonomic cervical shape that prevents neck pain and is ideal for Side Sleepers. 


 best anti-snore pillows for side sleepersThis premium luxury pillow keeps you comfortable and provides therapeutic relief from neck pain

The ergonomic contour design perfectly matches the alignment of your head and keeps the neck, shoulder, and back in a comfortable position.

It is made of high quality dense permeable foam, which gives better air circulation. The polyester blended proprietary pillowcase that comes with it gives it a soft, silky, and homely feel.

They are made of totally safe, chemical-free material.

It comes with a 100% no questions asked 30-day guarantees. Therefore, if you wish to return it due to any reason, you can get a full refund. 


Initial Comfort – You can experience discomfort during the initial few days while your body adjusts to a new corrected position. 

Large Size and Shape – This is a 4” high King Size pillow, with slightly high support, which is made to support the medium and high frame body. But in case you are a low pillow sleeper, then you may find it difficult to adapt.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow (Price:       $120.20)

Leesa hybrid keeps user comfort and support in mind. Here are some highlights you may like to know-


 best anti-snore pillows for side sleepersThe three-layered adjustable design with the quilt on one side and cooler insulation on the other side that regulates its temperature perfectly. 

The central layer is removable. This results in giving you the ability to adjust its height to suit your comfort level. 

It is specially designed to give consistent support to side sleepers. 

Leesa’s signature cover gives it a beautiful and rich feel. 

Premium quality Avena performance foam makes it cool and responsive. 


Its cost is more than other competitive brands.      

There are reports about its consistency. It appears to be a bit too soft and loses shape when compressed, thereby affecting its cushioning effect. 

Wamsutta Firm Pillow (Price: $24.94)


 best anti-snore pillows for side sleepersFor a pillow that costs a fraction of the others, it seems to be quite firm and doesn’t lose shape when compressed.

It is made of 100% polyester filling and comes with a soft cotton cover. It is certainly worth giving a try. 


It doesn’t have the luxurious look like some of the other premium brands but is in a different league altogether.

It’s very utilitarian and does its job well. Hence unless you are looking for looks only, this pillow is worth a try.

Casper Pillow (Price:       $65.00)

This is a mid-range two-layered pillow, each with a separate zipper


 best anti-snore pillows for side sleepers

You can roll it up and carry with easily as it has a relatively small size.

Easy to travel as it comes with a cylindrical carry case. 

It has premium looks and is made of soft grade lightweight material with an evenly distributed filling.

The 2-inch gusset design is the backbone of this pillow and allows a better neck alignment.


It seems to be way too soft and may not give adequate support as its not firm either. 

The slight crinkly noise whenever you turn your head can disrupt sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper. 

Wondersleep Pillow (Price:        $39.99)

This is a premium brand in the league of the Leesa pillow.

Pros           best anti-snore pillows for side sleepers

Its biggest plus point is that it is adjustable.

Composed of 60% polyester and 40% Bamboo, it features shredded memory foam filling with a premium fabric outer layer that ensures it remains cool and comfortable.

It comes with a limited 1-year warranty against the decrease in firmness.

It has a layered built quality and design that permits easy personalization by adjusting the inner layers.

Its innovative design makes it easy to adjust to comfort positions. This enables the user to select his/her comfort level of the desired supporting height and firmness.

Its topmost memory foam layer provides for extra support.


Since it is firm, you may find it slightly hard initially.

Xtreme Comforts Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow (Price:    $54.99)


Xtreme bamboo best anti-snore pillows for side sleepers

Made of 100% Natural material Inside and Out this premium-grade propriety memory foam retains its uniform density and does not go soft or lumpy.

You can adjust the filling to suit your personal support preference.

The adjustable filling adapts completely to the contours of your head and neck and promotes proper spinal alignment.

It comes with a dust-mite resistant hypoallergenic cover, which also enhances air circulation.


It tends to get too flat for some users, which causes discomfort and the need to have an additional pillow for support.


Your sleeping position is one of the leading causes of snoring. Supporting your neck and head often addresses the problem to a large extent. By using one of these best anti-snore pillows for side sleepers could make a tremendous difference to your sleep.


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