Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Side Effects

Snoring usually occurs when the throat muscles relax during sleep. Of course, the whole body relaxes when a person sleeps, but when the throat muscles also relax, they block the air flow. This leads to difficulty breathing and snoring is the result.

There are various medical options to prevent snoring. One of them is an anti-snoring mouthpiece. These oral devices have been designed by dentists in order to control the position of the mouth while sleeping.

These devices have proven to be effective for reducing snoring.  Known as mandibular advancement devices, oral mouth guards prevent the tongue from sliding to the back of the mouth and the jaw from relaxing.

Anti-Snoring mouthpieces also ensure that the soft palate tissue doesn’t block the air passage.  These mouthpieces work like orthodontics that keep the jaw in the correct position and enable proper breathing.

An oral appliance is made and fitted by a dentist, so you, the patient, your doctor, and your dentist work together to achieve the best result.

What Are The Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Side Effects?

Side effects in the beginning are because the device is uncomfortable, but once the wearer gets used to it, the device can provide relief.  However, some people fail to adjust to oral mouthpieces because they are too uncomfortable and exert too much pressure on the jaw and teeth.  For those people, there are alternate approaches like surgery to prevent the blocking of the airway.

There are self-fitting oral mouthguards available but they aren’t really approved.  Self-fitting devices don’t require the recommendation of a doctor and can be bought by anyone. Those buying these devices will suffer side effects as these are not shaped to the individual.  Also, quite possibly overlooking underlying medical conditions like sleep apnoea.  It is always advised to consult a health care professional before buying any oral anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Make sure the device is non-toxic, made with medical grade materials, and is both BPA and latex free.  BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.

Anti-snoring device side effects on teeth

When teeth are not kept clean when an anti-snoring appliance is worn overnight an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease is seen. Side effects of treatment may include excess salivation, sometimes a dry mouth, jaw ache and tooth sensitivity.

Best anti-snoring devices in the UK

The SnoreMender 5 Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, the advert states, Stop Snoring Quickly and Easily.  The claim is that the following are the benefits of this anti-snoring mouthpiece:

  • Clinically proven snoring solution
  • NHS recommended method
  • Enhanced Strength Adjuster
  • Easy to use – No fitting needed
  • Pressure Shift™ technology

How Does the SnoreMender Stop Snoring?  The SnoreMender is worn at night, like a small flexible gumshield, holding the lower jaw slightly forward.  This opens up the airway, allowing easier breathing, and claims to stop snoring immediately.

Breathe Right Snoring Congestion Relief Nasal Strips, Large, Original, 30 Strips by Breathe Right.  Claims that the strips are:

  • Drug free.
  • Instantly open your nasal passages.
  • Can be used day or night.
  • Fits 75 Percent of adult noses for small or medium strips. Larger size strips available for adults with larger nose.
  • 9/10 people said that they could breathe better instantly.

Nasal Strips Large x 60 by Sleepeze Remedies.  Nose Strips to Stop Snoring and Help You Breathe Through Your Nose.  Nasal Strip Snoring Aids and Anti Snore Devices

  • ★ WANT TO STOP SNORING? – Would you love to give your partner a good night’s sleep? Improve your relationship through quieter sleep? Help you breathe through the night? Our 60 Pack of Nasal Strips Large offer the perfect anti-snoring remedies.
  • ★ 50% MORE STICKING POWER – We have developed the perfect level of adhesion that will ensure your nasal strip dilators will stay in place all night.
  • ★ 60 STRIPS AND 2 MONTHS SUPPLY OF SNORING RELIEF – Premium quality nose snore strips AND best value on the market. The anti-snoring devices even claims to aid your cold, flu, nasal congestion and support improved sleep.

Mandibular advancement device

What is a mandibular advancement device?  This device is a dental appliance, similar to a gum shield, which is worn in your mouth while you sleep.  It is also known as a mandibular advancement splint, an oral appliance or dental device.

Wearing the device holds the airway open whilst you are sleeping, so that breathing becomes easier and oxygen levels in the blood are regulated.  The appliance should also manage your snoring.  Why should you have a mandibular advancement device?

These oral appliances are used for the treatment of habitual snoring, mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea, and for those who are unable to tolerate a continuous supply of compressed air via a machine.  The appliance is custom made for you, in order to provide relief from your individual symptoms.

What are the side effects?  There are a number of side effects associated with this form of treatment, dry mouth, excessive salivation, pain in the muscles of the face and jaw, possible gum irritation, tendency to gag, tenderness of the teeth, tenderness of jaw joint, minor orthodontic movement of the teeth with change in the way teeth bite.

The majority of side effects diminish or resolve with time.  It is essential that you have a complete dental assessment before being measured for this appliance.  A dental assessment will minimise or prevent many of the side effects.  To be able to wear an anti-snoring mouthpiece successfully, it is important that your mouth is free of tooth decay and gum disease.  If your teeth and gums are not healthy, wearing the appliance will worsen the problem, leading to eventual loss of teeth.

If you are worried or uncertain about anything, you should contact your dentist for guidance or information.  In order to minimize or avoid any of the side effects listed above, it is important that you take good care of your teeth and gums with regular visits to your dentist.




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